About Doctor Ethan

Doctor Ethan’s journey on social media began in 2016 when he first attended medical school. At the time, sharing of creative content was rare in healthcare and Ethan wanted to give an insight into a busy and exciting medical career. This was through providing fun yet educational content and exactly the type of information that Ethan wished was available to him when he was applying to medical school.
During Ethan’s time at medical school, it’s fair to say that life was not straightforward. Ethan battled chronic illness while studying arguably the most rigorous degree possible but this battle only strengthened his desire to help others. He would use his own medical experiences to improve his relatability to the patients he was caring for on the wards.
This became hugely successful and through the documenting of his medical school journey, Ethan amassed 50+ million views. He became the most followed medical student in the world and a leading figure in health education.

When the COVID-19 pandemic emerged in late 2019, false information became prevalent across social media and the internet.