Now then…New Year’s Resolutions or more specifically Social Media Resolutions (don’t worry I have other goals in other areas too)

Now normally I’m not the biggest fan of waiting till the start of a New Year to begin chasing a goal. Life is way too short for that! Plus if I come up with an idea next Monday for instance, I’m defo not waiting 356 days to implement it on January 1st 2023!!

However, with just how busy the last 6 months have been with moving to a completely new city, starting work as a doctor and navigating my way through all that entails, the start of 2022 seems like a good time to pick up activities on Instagram now that my life is semi-together. Here are 4 simple goals which now that they’re public gives me accountability to all of you. 1-3 are important but for me without 4 they mean nothing. Ultimately content should provide value and not just be pumped out like a ‘content factory’ for clicks. So if I combine daily content that is meaningful and provides value I think we’re on to something.

What are your plans on social media this year if any?