So 2021 is over and 2022 is now here! But before we look to the next 12 months, here’s some notable moments from 2021.

1. Working during a global pandemic – this was a very difficult period for everyone. Although my time on placement didn’t change drastically, exams were certainly more stressful due to limits on in-person practice.

2. Becoming a qualified personal trainer – this had actually been something that was 2 years in the making but COVID restrictions had lead to delays.

3. Completing my final medical school exams – this was one of my proudest moments to date and opening the results was so nerve-wracking.

4. Starting work as an NHS Doctor – again, a long time in the making and very proud to have started work in August.

5. Taking time to travel again – I stayed in this country so nothing major but having had such limited travel in the preceding 18 months, it was a very nice break!

6. Rebuilding my health and self-care – This one is most important. Before we can look after others, we need to have looked after ourselves.

Later this week I’ll be sharing some of my goals for 2022.